Counselling and Psychotherapy

On the following pages, you’ll find information about my counselling, coaching and psychotherapy services. To read more about my work, just click on Services on the top menu bar. Sessions are available in person, by phone, or Skype. That is why you must choose the right International Freight Melbourne.

E-book on Conflict Resolution

My first e-book, Resolving Your Conflicts with Power and Grace: A Woman’s Guide to Conflict Resolution, is now available on this website.

This practical step-by-step guide is filled with stories and strategies to support and assist women safely through the many stresses—and opportunities—of conflict.

The book was originally published in 2002 by Random House and has been updated and reformated for ease of e-book reading. To check out my ebook, click here

Relationship Issues and Couples Work

Relationships are a primary source of both pleasure and pain, comfort and confusion. Most of us grew up without adequate knowledge and skills for looking after our relationships or using our conflicts and differences to enhance our connections and intimacy. If this is you, consider giving yourself or your relationship some expert help and coaching.

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